Oh, What a Relief It Is

No, we did not take Alka-Seltzer (for those of us old enough to remember) to relieve the pain of having to replace a key member of our management team. 

On Facebook, I had said that the only good thing about having to hire a new Director of Client Services was the opportunity to meet great people.  That turned out to be even more true than we expected.

We interviewed Social Workers, Nurses, Assisted Living Directors, people with tons of home care experience, people with great relevant managerial experience but who were new to senior care. 

With every one of them, we laid out the issues that led to a (hopefully friendly) parting of the ways with the previous Director, in great hypothetical detail.  We were very gratified that every one of those folks, including the Social Workers, “got it” and agreed with our operating philosophy.

The great part was not being told we were right.  It was not and is not about ego.  It was that our operating philosophy was validated as critical to being able to provide the best possible home care for our clients.

When you run a business, even if the $ does not stop with you (it sure doesn’t with us 🙂 ), the buck does, as Mr. Truman said.  Managing a business means being on the hook for every decision that is made.  That is how we will always run Support For Home.  That is how we expect the owners of every business with whom we work to operate.  Fair warning.  😉

So, we have a new Director, Trina Stanford, M.S., with a strong counseling background.  You can meet her on our Website.  You will be hearing from her in this blog, as well.

Best wishes, Bert


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