Good Blogs!

Pacific Cove Home Care’s blog actually has links to several other blogs in the area of senior care and home care.  I like what I see there. has a good blog on the issues of aging and senior health.

The NY Times’ New Old Age blog is one of the very best.  My goal is to be published there!  😉

The Caregiver Support blog, a WordPress colleague, is, as the author puts it, “for caregivers, written by a caregiver, to give support, advice, and encouragement.”  It seems to be in hiatus, but will hopefully be rejuvenated.

Very interesting site called  “Rotates” a lot of blogs for visibility. 

New one added today, 8/20/10, by Visiting Angels in Ohio.  Robin Donnelly’s blog is a good one.  As a geriatric nurse, she has a good handle on needs and passion for solutions.


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