Yes! Planning is Good!

An article in absolutely nails it! I have been poking and prodding and nagging at folks, in this blog and elsewhere, to take planning for the aging experience much more seriously than most people do. Well, along comes this article, from a fellow named Buck Wargo, titled, “What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? Retirement As Life 2.0“.

Aging is much more than retirement, but if that question will get folks thinking about “Life 2.0”, that is great by me.

Wargo quotes a lecturer on the topics of Social Security and Medicare, named Andy Landis:

“Everything you see about retirement planning is money, money, money,” Landis says. “That’s important, but maybe even more important is what the heck are you going to do with yourself. Your spouse is really wondering that. I like to say it would be a shame to outlive our money, but it would also be a shame to outlive our meaning.”

Now that is getting at the core issues. Our lives should still have and express meaning as we age. Figuring out what that meaning will be – it may be very different in the last several decades of life from what it was in the first six or so – is the challenge that we should each accept and spend a good deal of energy on – before we enter those last few decades.

Plan for Life 2.0

Plan for Life 2.0

Landis has a very interesting plan to make plans. First make a plan for 6-12 months. Then create a plan for 2-5 years out. Then, make a “long-term plan”. Frankly, I think it is an outstanding idea. Keep each of those plans “alive,” recognizing that things do change – health, interests, economics, a new passion, a new partner, … I just think he has nailed the secret sauce for planning what we want to be when we grow up.

Have you started your short-, mid-, and long-term plans yet? Don’t wait until you are already in Life 2.0!

Best wishes. Bert




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