It Just Keeps Getting Better

I have written several posts recently about our experience applying the Music & Memory program to our home care services at Support For Home In-Home Care. I continue to smile and appreciate what our Home Care Aides are doing with our clients, and it just keeps getting better.

Today one of our Home Care Aides gave us another report concerning a client with dementia we have been using Music & Memory with about four (4) weeks now. Part of that report is included, below:

J [our Home Care Aide] said that S [our home care client] responded well when listening to the song, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco”. S told J that S and her dad used to bowl together and she loves San Francisco. S also said she loves Berkeley and even recalled going to school there and told J she was “advanced” in school.

J said that S brought up a new memory when they were watching America’s Got Talent on T.V. that J feels is correlated to the Music & Memory program, because she has noticed since doing Music & Memory S has become much more talkative and recalling things when they watch T.V.  S told J when watching the show, that S and her sister used to tap dance and she recalled her parents supervising her and her sister.  S said that she and her sister went to different houses in the neighborhood to tap dance for others. S also remembered that she and her sister never really went to see any shows themselves as it was expensive and cost between 50 cents and $1 to see a performance.

J said they were also talking about computers and technology and S recalled and told J that they did not have technology like computers  and devices that we have today and all they had was film and black and white T.V.’s.

It is absolutely fabulous to see a client who was withdrawn and did not engage much at all now turning into a real extrovert! Her quality of life is much better, and we are able to provide much more tailored and meaningful care.

Your thoughts or experiences?

Best wishes. Bert


2 responses to “It Just Keeps Getting Better

  1. I have been more than interested in doing something more with Music and Memory for awhile. I am a professional guardian, elder advocate and care manager. I do not work with any particular facility. Did you have a iPod donation drive? I’d love to talk more. I am ready. Thank you kindly.


  2. Having creative outlets like music can be a great activity for seniors! If it can also help with memory, that’s a huge bonus! Thanks for sharing.


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