Dementia and the Arts

Those of us who serve those suffering from dementia have long recognized the positive impact that music, painting and other art forms can have on the quality of life of those people we serve. We recently discovered, a great organization in Sacramento, California. As their Website says,

Artisan Mind is an organization that connects art, creativity and cultural institutions to people living with Alzheimer’s disease and their care partners.

By using artistic experiences as keys to unlock imagination, we have the opportunity to create new memories, strengthen relationships and enrich lives in fundamental ways.

One of their major programs is ARTZ Sacramento, which was was created in cooperation with the Crocker Art Museum in 2012. The program offers free monthly one hour visits to the Crocker, The California Museum and the California Automobile Museum.

Tiffany Paige ArtisanMind

Some of their other programs are described on their Website. We truly congratulate Tiffany Paige, Founder and Creative Director of Artisan Mind, for creating a terrific organization to improve the lives of those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. When we created our own non-profit program, Flowers For Seniors, we were amazed at how many people and groups wanted to – and still do – help. Finding other programs equally committed, with different areas of focus, is fantastic.

What is happening in your community?

Best wishes. Bert


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