Outrageous Sales Technique

I just saw a tweet from a company that “certifies” family caregivers, claiming that if the family caregiver is not “certified,” they are probably guilty of elder abuse. All one has to do is buy the company’s “distance learning (study at home) educational course” and everything will be wonderful.

There are a number of problems I have with this sales technique.


Family caregivers are working their butts off to do everything they can for their loved ones, and most of them feel guilty they cannot do more. Well, now they find out they are actually “abusing” their loved ones, because they are not “certified” by this company. However, by paying only $265 plus sales tax, they will be taken off the list of abusers.

The company proudly states they are “NOT FOR PROFIT organization.” As someone who actually managed a not for profit company for ten years, I know that there is nothing sacred about that status. There may not be shareholders, but that does not mean there cannot be some very hefty salaries, commissions and bonuses being paid out. I wish folks would stop trying to parlay non-profit status into a halo.

As a company that provides in-home care, Support For Home works with a whole lot of family caregivers. Do some of them need more knowledge about their loved one’s dementia or dietary needs or proper transfers? Yes. Are companies that can help with some of that knowledge a good thing? Absolutely, although there are so many great (and free) support groups where family caregivers can get hands on help, understanding and training. But, stop trying to guilt dedicated family caregivers into writing your non-profit company a check!

Best wishes, from a frustrated Bert.


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