Harvard Health Care Innovation – One More Time!

Once more with enthusiasm, we look at some of the smarter things that were said at Harvard’s forum on health care innovation.  If we can just get the powers that be to take action on some of these smart comments, health care reform will be off and running.  So, let’s go:

Do we think that healthcare will become affordable by expecting the hospitals to be cheap? It just won’t happen. The dynamics of decentralization will allow lower-cost caregivers to offer more sophisticated things. This is what will happen, and it needs to happen. Clayton Christensen – Kim B. Clark Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School

Thank you, Dr. Christensen.  This is absolutely in the middle of the bull’s eye.  Lower cost caregivers providing more sophisticated services, under the direction of higher cost clinicians.  To be as articulate as I can about this, “Duh!”  Let’s get on with it, shall we?  Let’s not do anything stupid, but let’s eliminate some of the guild driven rules, regs and laws that prevent us from exploring true innovation, as described by Dr. Christensen and others, inside and outside of Harvard.

There were 509 invitees (to this conference), and I’m going to just guess that the total problem-solving power of the ones who weren’t invited to this conference is greater than the total solving power of those who were. Maybe the reason that people with your skills and backgrounds solve the interesting problems of the world is only because you’re first in line. It wasn’t because the questions got asked of everybody at once.  Alpheus Bingham – Co-founder of InnoCentive

With great respect for the folks at the forum, as well as to the dedicated clinical practitioners of health care [in the interest of full disclosure, I just came from a physical from my doctor.  I look to her for my clinical care, not one of our great Home Care Aides at Support For Home. :-)], until the health care powers that be ask the broader participant base, we will continue to get fairly minor variations of the same theme.  I love every single Chopin Etudes and Bach Cantata, but the world is better for the existence of Bob Seger and Bob Dylan, as well (yes, that’s how old I am).

U of Chicago Harper Library

Take the dialogue beyond academia.  [More full disclosure: out of intellectual snobbery, I substitute a picture of Harper Library at the University of Chicago, one of my old schools, for Harvard.  🙂 ]  Ask a CNA how she can work with an RN and an MD to make her patients’ health care outcomes better and cheaper.  In the meantime, best wishes.  Bert


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