Do We REALLY Want To Cut Health Care Costs?

I have ranted in the past about the critical need to integrate non-clinical home care into clinical, traditional health care delivery, if we really want to cut health care costs – and improve outcomes.  Well, guess what?  I am going to do so again.

The Remington Report (Lisa Remington’s excellent instrument of analysis and strategy for health care published the chart below, showing the relative costs – and dramatic increase in costs – associated with post-acute health care for patients.  In other words, what are we spending on patients after they leave the hospital?  The answer is that rehab facilities and skilled nursing facilities are the biggest growth factor for health care costs (but not necessarily the biggest contributor to health, in too many cases).

Click on the chart to open it up in a new window.

Growth in Cost of Post-Acute Health Care

Until the medical system, including Medicare and the health insurance companies, realizes that non-clinical health care can dramatically help reduce the costs and improve the outcomes for patients, because we can be with them, every day, to help them through the post-acute phase of recovery. CMS can fund all the innovation projects it wants.  They are  not going to provide the breakthrough solutions we, as a society, need.

Best wishes. Rant over.  Bert


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