And the Answer Is …!

I have ranted in the past about the amount of money spent – by the federal government or academics or foundations or … – to produce the answer to an earth shaking question that leads us all to say, “Duhhhh.”


One of the experts in this industry, especially as technology relates to support of aging in place, is Laurie Orlov, author of Aging in Place Technology Watch.  If you think that is an important topic – as we do – check it out.

In Laurie’s latest newsletter, she includes a couple of doozies concerning the “Let’s be as obvious as we possibly can” approach to research:

If a senior walks post-hospitalization, he or she may keep from going back. So up to one in five seniors discharged from the hospital are readmitted. And a new (tiny) study indicates that walking may be a factor in keeping them from going back to the hospital. Hope that study wasn’t heavily funded, because the conclusion appears to be independent of whether seniors post-discharge are taking their medications, keeping their doctors’ appointments, or being contacted by a nurse to verify any of the above. And conversely, as they say, the study didn’t assess the relationship between walking and readmission of non-seniors.

If a senior drives with a pet, they may be more likely to have an accident. The University of Alabama verified through a study of 2000 seniors that if you’re age 70+ and driving with a pet, a crash is more likely.  Buried in that article from the study author: “The findings are consistent with previous studies looking at all drivers, which indicate that slightly more than half of all drivers take a pet with them at times.” And of course, this study set out to prove that seniors are similar to all drivers – capable of being distracted in a car by their pets.  Makes sense.

Thanks, Laurie.  And thanks to the researchers on those and many, many other topics so critical to the enlightenment of human society.  🙂

Best wishes for a great Friday and a research free weekend.  Bert


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