Some People Lead Perfectly Happy Lives …

In spite of qualifying under most definitions of being a senior, the whole notion of bucket lists is something that makes me go, “Whut?”  I just never got the concept, frankly.  So, reading an article on about “Bucket lists gone bad: When senior thrills become life threatening,” I was a bit surprised at some of the dumb stunts fellow baby boomers are pulling these days:

  • Riding a bull
  • Buying a motor cycle, when you have never ridden one before (in the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I used to ride and loved it)
  • Skydiving at the age of 80
  • Marathons, triathlons, other -ons of which I’ve never heard

My wife proudly tells a story from a number of years ago about taking skiing lessons.  At one point, her instructor told her, “You know, some people lead perfectly happy lives not skiing.”  She got the picture, and that was the end of her fantasy of winning the downhill at the next Winter Olympics.


If folks are going to have bucket lists – I do not think I am ever really going to create one – at least make them reasonable and safe.  There is no value that I can see in a senior creating a bucket list of 15 things and then “signing off” while attempting number 1.

Best wishes.  Bert


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