How Are We Doing?

The co-owner of our home care agency, Support For Home, and I spent years and years in the high tech industry,  at Intel Corporation.  Our hero there – he still is, frankly – was Andy Grove, one of the founders of Intel and the greatest CEO any company ever had, in our view.  Andy has a number of aphorisms that made us all think and that have stuck with us.  One of them is, “Only the paranoid survive.”  In fact, it is the title of one of his books:

Only the Paranoid Survive

There are many facets to what Andy’s maxim, and reading the book is definitely recommended.  I think it is also an adage that will trigger thoughts and approaches to challenges for each individual, much like a great piece of art.

For my co-owner and I, one of the aspects of applying the saying is knowing how our clients and their families feel about us and the services they receive.  If we do not know the answer to that, how can we survive, not just improve, as a company?  A corollary to that is that we believe our clients and families should have transparent access to that information.  If we have issues, we need to acknowledge them and deal with them in an open and honest fashion.

To that end, we survey our clients and families (their response can be anonymous or not, as they choose).  Here are the results of the latest survey, for their – and your – review.

The first section asks for feedback on the Home Care Aide(s) providing service to a particular client.  The specific items and average ratings are shown below.  The rating system is 1=lowest; 5=highest.

Concerning your Home Care Aide(s):

Courteous,   respectful and trustworthy 4.96
Consistently   on time and dependable 4.83
Works hard   to meet my needs 4.91
Skills and   experience exhibited 4.74
Professional   appearance 4.75
Compassionate   attitude, understands my needs 4.92

For clients and family members who told us who they are and gave us less than a 5 on skills / experience and professional appearance, we will follow up for more information.  a 4.74 average gives us a 95% rating, but where did we miss?

The next section asks about our administrative and management team:

Courteous   and respectful 4.87
Timely and   effective communication 4.87
Effective   response to problems / issues 4.76
Follows   through on commitments 4.91
Compassionate,   caring attitude 4.87

Where we can identify the folks who did not rate us a 5 on our effectiveness, we want to follow up.  What were we not able to accomplish to address issues better?

The last two questions address the entire operation:

Overall   Support For Home Quality 4.91
Would you   recommend Support For Home services to others? YES = 100%

So, are we satisfied with the results?  No.  If we are not receiving scores of 5, we are not going to be satisfied.  If we receive all scores of 5 will be stop being paranoid?  Never.  🙂  Every business, service, manufacturing, retail, … needs to consistently ask how they are doing.  When you are dealing with the health and well being of elders and others needing support at home, knowing the answer is even more important.

If you were rating your individual or business efforts, what would you ask of those you serve?  If you or your family are using a home care agency, how are they evaluating themselves and what are they sharing with you?

Best wishes.  Bert


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