Just Tell Me One Thing…!

It has been a while since I published a tantrum here (two days, at least!), so I guess it is time.  Once again, “The New Old Age” blog is posting an article complaining about the Obama administration not yet eliminating the overtime exemption for personal care attendants – caregivers.

Assistance with medication is critical for some seniors

I am not going to argue that professional caregivers do not deserve to make more than they do.  While the “data” that is often offered about caregivers not even making minimum wage is, with the exception of illegal abusers, bogus, the job is a critical one and a hard one.  Caregivers should make more than the $11-$12 per hour that my agency is able to afford (plus payroll taxes, insurances, …).  There is no debate about that, in our mind, at Support For Home.

Just tell me one thing, please!  How are the recipients of care going to afford to pay more?  Does Medicare cover their services?  No.  Does Blue Cross / Blue Shield / Kaiser / Humana / … cover their services?  No.  Is the home care industry making such ungodly profits that it can absorb increased wages?  Sorry folks, but it just ain’t so.  Home care (not clinical home health) is a very low margin business.  If we wanted to make money, we would have stayed in the high tech field, at Intel.  🙂

Until our health care system is truly reformed, to include care for the elderly and others who need caregiving, in their homes, the federal or state governments can make whatever nice sounding rules and laws they wish.  It will not result in caregivers getting the increased wages they deserve.

If you have information I am missing, please share.  Best wishes.  Bert


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