Sutter Care at Home

I very rarely write about a specific organization in this blog, but I am going to be writing about two of them in a row.  Today I want to talk about Sutter Care at Home, which provides both home health and hospice services in northern California, which is where our organization (Support For Home Health Care) provides home care services.  The other organization, for an upcoming blog, is Univita Health, a diversified health care company also focusing on the home.  Why talk about Sutter Care at Home or Univita?  They are different organizations, but passion is a key ingredient for both.

Support For Home Health Care - Caduceus

We work with a number of very good home health and hospice agencies in the greater Sacramento region – and a few that are not first rate.  What is so special about Sutter Care at Home?

  1. Sutter Care at Home is a not-for-profit organization.  Is that why we like them?  No.  As Beth Hennessy, Executive Director for Integrated Care at Sutter Care at Home, and Paula Suter, Director of Chronic Care Management at Sutter Care at Home, wrote, “As a non-profit healthcare provider, we often encounter the misconception that we are not required to make a profit.  If we do not make a profit, we cannot continue to operate as a business.  As someone who managed a not-for-profit organization for ten years, I absolutely applaud that attitude.  Some folks think being a non-profit somehow conveys a sanctity and purity to an organization.  Wrong.  Organizations are either ethical and passionate about service or they are not.  Tax status is not the issue.  Sutter Care at Home is passionate and ethical.
  2. Sutter Care at Home is innovative, flexible and a risk taker.  To me, this is critical.  In my own life, after working for many years at Intel Corporation and loving it, Intel moved away from its entrepreneurial roots to a K-Mart approach to cost control.  It was time to move on and find an atmosphere that was still people-centric and innovative.  As we built our own business, we were delighted to find folks like those at Sutter Care at Home, who “get it.”
  3. The leaders of Sutter Care at Home are just that, leaders.  They have not been sitting back waiting for health care reform to finally take shape.  They have been helping to shape it.  Paula Suter, for example, mentioned above, has been named to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovation Advisors Program, for example.  The organization successfully attracts leaders in a way that many health care organizations fail to do.

If there is a special organization that you think deserves recognition in the health care industry, let me know.  I would be delighted.

Best wishes.  Bert



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