There Are Solutions!

One of the challenges that frequently faces the families of elders who need help to live safely at home is the distance between the family “caregiver” and the loved one who needs support. This challenge is discussed in a recent article on  There is no question that distance adds stress and other issues to the family member’s efforts, but there are absolutely good solutions to it.

At Support For Home Health Care, we support many clients whose families do not reside in the greater Sacramento, California region.  Whether the daughter in charge is in New Jersey or the son who takes the lead is in Ohio, there are ways to ensure that Mom’s or Dad’s needs are addressed.  This is true across the country with reputable agencies – most of them members of the Home Care Association of America – that provide a variety of services, including:

  • Non-Clinical Home Care – primarily focused on support for Activities of Daily Living (ADLs and Instrumental ADLs)
  • Geriatric Care Management – a holistic approach to the total needs of elders, involving developing and managing a plan to address diverse needs
  • Assisted Medication Management – focused on ensuring elders and others are compliant with their doctors’ medication prescriptions
  • Home Health Care – a Medicare site for finding and comparing home health (clinical) agencies

Hands to Help When You Cannot

In the article on, the following appears:

“You just want to be in two places at once,” said Kay Branch, who lives in Anchorage, Alaska, but helps coordinate care for her parents in Lakeland, Fla., about 3,800 miles away.

There are no easy answers.

In fact, there really are, as described above.  Will these solutions remove every bit of worry about Mom, hundreds or thousands of miles away?  No.  But, can these services provide the umbrella of protection that the long-distance family caregiver can not?  Absolutely.  Just make sure you and your family choose the provider very carefully.

Best wishes.  Bert


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