Measuring a Caregiver Organization’s Health

At Support For Home Health Care, where we provide a variety of services, including dementia care, home care, Geriatric Care Management and others, we believe strongly in being transparent in how we operate.  When folks ask what we pay our employees or what we charge our patients, we do not hesitate to share that information.  We do not believe that any health care agency should operate in any other way.

One of the ways we measure our own health is through surveys of our employees.  Last month, we sent out a survey covering ten (10) areas with our non-clinical Home Care Aides.  We got a very good response from them, in terms of the number of respondents.  Believing in transparency, we are sharing the results of the survey here.  Any health care agency – home care, home health included – should be willing to share this information with you and your family.  If they are not, you should wonder why not.


The survey asked our employees to respond from 1 (Strongly Disagree) to 5 (Strongly Agree).  So, here is what our Home Care Aides told us – and some thoughts about what we will be doing to follow up on the data:

  • I receive feedback that helps me improve my performance. 
    Average: 4.23
    With a new Director of Nursing leading our training efforts, moving forward, we are now well positioned to improve this statistic – and committed to doing so.
  • When I do a good job, I receive praise and recognition I deserve. 
    Average: 4.09
    We have Home Care of the Month and Rookie of the Month awards, as well as Home Care Aide of the Year (Heart and Soul Award), but this number tells us we need to communicate our appreciation to all of the individuals on our team.  We will be adding a section to our employee newsletter that includes highlights from many of our great folks.
  • There is a strong feeling of teamwork and cooperation in this organization.
    Average: 4.27
    Again, this number is not bad, but not good enough for us.  The teamwork between the administrative team and our caregivers – and among caregivers supporting the same patient, teamwork is critical.  We will be following up with our caregivers for ideas on how to improve in this area.
  • Customer needs are the top priority in this organization.
    Average: 4.82
    I am happy to get a high average on this, but I want to see 5.0! 🙂  We will be asking our employees to tell us what they feel is distracting from this priority.
  • My job is important in accomplishing the mission of the organization.
    Average: 4.95
    We are delighted that our employees know how important they are.  They have always been the heart and soul of Support For Home Health Care.
  • My salary is competitive with similar jobs I might find elsewhere.
    Average: 4.32
    This statistic is in some ways surprising, but in other ways thoroughly understandable.  We know – because we check – that we pay our caregivers 20%-30% more than other agencies in our region, but the fact is that caregivers are dramatically under-valued in our society.  We would love to pay more, but without families having support from insurances – especially Medicare – the cost to patients and families is already as high as they can afford.
  • Communication is encouraged in this organization.
    Average: 4.68
    We provide business email accounts to all of our employees and encourage their use, but we will be asking them what are we not doing that we need to do.
  • The organization encourages and supports my development.
    Average: 4.45
    As mentioned above, our new Director of Nursing will be leading our training program from now on, including arranging for Continuing Education Units for our CNAs, HHAs and nurses.  The continued professional growth of our caregivers is critical – to them and to us in the office.
  • The organization has reasonable expectations of its employees.
    Average: 4.68
    Well, all we expect is perfection, right?  This probably will not change. 🙂
  • The organization values the contribution I make.
    Average: 4.55
    We value our caregivers’ contribution much more than they know.  Awards programs are necessary, but not sufficient.  We will be digging into the area more with our caregivers, probably forming a committee to work with us on the administrative team on how to improve in this and other areas.

Do you have suggestions on how we – and other health care agencies – can get better?  Your thoughts are welcome.

Best wishes.  Bert


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