“The United States of Aging”

2012 is the first year of a survey by the National Council on Aging (NCOA), USA Today and UnitedHealthcare called The United States of Aging Survey.  The survey was of folks in the U.S. at least 60 years of age, covering a wide range of topics.  The results are extremely meaningful for anyone wanting to understand what is happening with folks in the Boomer generation and beyond.

At Support For Home Health Care, we are constantly trying to learn more about the folks we serve, to ensure we are providing what they need and want.  This survey is very helpful.

Below are a sampling of some of the data points from the survey:

  • About 28% of the seniors serve as a caregiver
    • 45% of these caregivers report they need respite care or other support, themselves – but most do not obtain that help
  • About half of seniors have a caregiver in their own lives

Half of seniors have a caregiver

  • Of those receiving caregiving services, over 50% of the caregivers live with the recipient
  • 22% of seniors are unsure whether services to help with caregiving exist within the community
  • 90% of seniors intend to age in place, living in their current homes for the next 5-10 years
    • 85% of these folks do not want to move because they like where they are
    • 86% of seniors 70 years of age or older have a high level of confidence they can stay at home
  • In a great statement about emotional health, more than 80% of seniors in the survey feel “I have a strong sense of purpose and passion about my life and my future.”
  • About 1/4 of seniors are not confident about being able to meet monthly expenses over the next 5-10 years
  • Almost 30% of seniors do not feel that they understand government benefits available to them — unfortunately, they are probably right

There is more data in the report, and given that this is the first iteration, I would expect it to get better in following years.  To NCOA, UnitedHealthcare and USA Today, thanks for a great job!

Best wishes.  Bert


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