Sad, True and Easy to Fix, Part 3

In the last two posts, we responded to a number of very critical elements from a study done by Dr. Lee Lindquist, whom we met last week at the 2012 National Private Duty Association conference.  She is extremely impressive and articulate — and what we like most, passionate.

Another of the findings from the study is,

  • [M]any agencies appeared to lie about their screening practices by making up assessments that do not even exist.

This rings so true it is amazing.  In previous posts, I have stressed that Support For Home has about 80% state Certified Nurse Assistants.  We want qualified, skilled people, and we pay more to get them.  We know of agencies that have some in-house or franchise-specific program where a couple of hours on-line gets them a “Certified Fill-in-the-Blanks” title.  It is a joke, frankly, except that it is not very funny.  Having in-house training programs is good, but it does not certify anyone for anything!

Caregiver Assessment - Make It Real

Aside from recruiting state certified caregivers (CNAs, HHAs), we do use an independent testing service we like very much, called the Caregiver Quality Assurance program.  We would highly recommend that families — and agencies — check it out by clicking on the link.  We have no financial interest in it.  In fact, we pay quite a bit of money to them each year to use it!  🙂

So, yes, families should be very skeptical of agencies’ claims about how they assess applicants for employment.  If their processes are all internal (locally or as part of a franchise), look for an agency that takes hiring a bit more seriously.

Well, folks, we are still a long way from done with the wisdom of Dr. Lindquist and her colleagues.  🙂  Look for more to come.

Best wishes.  Bert


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