Dementia is not a Good Diagnosis

I read a post today from Kay Bransford, in her blog, Dealing With Dementia, in which Kay writes,

My brother and I visited my parents for lunch. Both parents are scheduled to see a Neurologist as the next step toward a diagnosis.

Dementia is a pretty broad term. We would prefer to have a little more clarity around each parent’s dementia. One brother and sister are coming into town to be on this appointment with my parents.

As I told Kay in a comment in her blog, I am so pleased when families go from a primary care physician talking about dementia to a neurologist providing a formal diagnosis as to the type of dementia involved.  There are many, many forms of dementia, some of which are actually curable. 

Making decisions about treatments, living arrangements, support for Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), family expectations and so forth are greatly facilitated by understanding which form of dementia is present.  So, as I said to Kay, great job!

Best wishes.  Bert


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