I Hear You! (Finally)

One of the issues many of our home care clients encounter at Support For Home is hearing loss.  Unfortunately, resistance to hearing aids is almost as prevalent.  Because hearing loss increases isolation and may mimic (even accelerate??) dementia, not addressing the problem is very serious, in our view.

My co-owner at our home care company and I recently had lunch with a good friend we used to work with at Intel Corporation, before leaving there to start our home care company.  Joe is not a senior, yet, but he does have very significant hearing loss, especially on his right side. 

Knowing about our elder care business, Joe told us about a new hearing aid he has that he was ecstatic about.  It is called the Phonak CROS and, no, neither Joe nor I get any commissions! 🙂  In Joe’s case, as for many of our senior care clients, hearing is worse in one ear than the other.  One of the major features of the Phonak CROS is that it transmits sounds from the “bad” side to the better side.

As the vendor describes it:

CROS solution

 When your better ear hears normally (CROS)

The transmitter placed behind or inside your poorer ear, picks up sound and transmits it wirelessly to the normal hearing ear. The hearing in your good ear will remain natural and completely unaffected.

BiCROS solution


When you have a hearing loss in your better ear (BiCROS)

The transmitter placed behind or inside your poorer ear, picks up sound and transmits it wirelessly to the better hearing ear. At the same time, the receiving hearing aid also serves as an amplifier improving hearing in that ear.

So, I do not even play an audiologist on TV, but I know what a difference it made for my Dad, when he finally gave in and got a hearing aid.  With this improvement — it sure works for Joe — I hope every family with a member whose hearing is impaired will explore the solutions out there and keep pushing for the person with hearing loss to get back in the conversation!

Best wishes.  Bert


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