Home Care Agencies, Straighten Up!

At Support For Home, our own home care agency, we work with a number of great people, some of whom are even competitors.  Then, every now and again, we learn stuff that makes us want to pick up the phone and throw a tantrum, along the lines of “Are you kidding me???  You MUST know better than that!”

So, it is time to throw a mini-tantrum, here in our blog, since that phone call probably would not be too productive.

1.  In the State of California, where we have the (sometimes dubious, sometimes glorious) privilege to live and work, a large majority of home care agencies use the California Department of Justice to obtain background reports on applicants for jobs.  We have talked about this, before, but the lessons continue to roll in on this.  Using California DOJ sounds great (which is why we believe most agencies use it), but it is not.

The California Department of Justice provides five (5) years of California state and local information about applicants.  so what is wrong with that?  First, the law allows us to look back seven (7) years into an applicant’s background.  So, can anyone tell me why we would want to stop at five (5) years?

The second issue is, as I said, the information is about what happened in California.  But we have applicants from Alabama and Missouri and Montana.  What happened there?  Are there any federal crimes?  Are they on the Sex Offender Registry?  We get all of this information from the national firm we happen to use, but we would not get it from the California DOJ.

So, what got me started on this topic, again?  A guy applied for a Home Care Aide position with us a few weeks ago.  He talks the talk, really well and is very presentable.  He even has a letter of recommendation from the owner of a home care agency in this area.  Sounds great, right?

Well, then we run our background check (not the California DOJ version).  Turns out there is a conviction from another state, of which the other agency owner obviously is not aware.  Suffice to say, the guy is not working for us.

Come on, agency owners, you MUST know better than that!

2. Well, you will have to wait for the next post. 😉


One response to “Home Care Agencies, Straighten Up!

  1. This is good to hear! I will wait for your next post!!! 😀


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