Dialogue Makes the World Go ‘Round

This blog is a little different, as it was spurred by a message from a new Facebook friend.  Her comments are important, so I want to turn them into an “invented” dialogue in my blog.  I hope you enjoy:

LINDA: I just read some of your blog posts & commented on, I think the most recent one (your response to the Huffington Post article). Unfortunately, I was required to log into WordPress … I haven’t been in there in so long that I forgot my password … so I couldn’t complete my post. I’m copying it here – for you.

BERT:  Linda, I honestly did not realize that WordPress required you to log in to comment on a blog posting.  I hate that, myself.  If anyone from WordPress is listening, change that rule, already!

LINDA: Before I paste in my reply – I thought it important to mention that I’m a private care-giver. I read one of your posts about private vs. agency hired care-givers & your thoughts about private care-givers are not positive. I have no problem with this and … felt it important to mention that I’m self employed.

BERT: Linda, here is the speech we give private caregiver applicants when they come to Support For Home seeking a job with us — “If you are providing or can provide your private clients with liability insurance, workers comp protection, unemployment insurance protection, immunity from the federal government coming after them for unpaid withholding and Social Security taxes, a dishonesty bond and all the other protections a good employer-based home care company provides, then you can work for us and continue as a private caregiver.  Otherwise, its our way or your way, but not together.”  So, the issue is not a personal one, it is a philosophy.

LINDA: I adore my work, teach workshops/classes for family and professional care-givers and have written many articles for care-givers. I’m especially interested in the spiritual/emotional aspects of care-giving.

BERT:  I would love to read some of your material.  Maybe a guest blog article or two?  🙂

LINDA: I could go on & on and, for now, this is enough.  I hope you enjoy my comment for your blog: 

I agree that long distance family members would do well by hiring an in home caregiver for their loved one. Unfortunately, what typically happens is the following: the family member(s) feel that although their loved one’s situation is not optimal – it’s good enough. They often question the ”good enough” and go back and forth about whether the current status is safe etc … Over time, a crisis occurs and then it becomes perfectly clear that more help is needed.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in home help arrived before the crisis ? How can we help families discern the right timing for this ?

PS – forgot to ask — would you please send me the link(s) for your Amazon.com e-books ?

BERT: I thought you would never ask! 😉

The first two are for Kindle (my favorite “tech” device in the entire world):

In print, just released, is a revised, combined publication:

To order, at this point, you actually do have to create an account and log in 😦 ,  but it will be on Amazon in about a week.  We have priced all of them as cheaply as possible, as it is not about royalties; it is about helping folks — just like you.

Sincerest best wishes.  Bert


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