Fair or Unfair? Senior Community Decisions

A few years ago, Support For Home had a home care client with Parkinson’s.  He had been diagnosed almost 30 years ago, and was involved in a number of seminal studies and was a bit of a record-breaker in some areas.  He and his wife lived in an “active 55” community here in the greater Sacramento area.  Our client’s love was swimming, and the community had a great pool for him and our Home Care Aide to use.  It was the best possible exercise for him, given the state of his Parkinson’s.

However, the community that he lived in had its “rules.”  If you could not do certain things on your own, your right to live there was challenged.  If you needed a caregiver, for example, to get into our out of the pool, you were somehow lowering the quality of living for the rest of the residents.  (If my tone sounds a little ticked off, yes, I was then and remain so.)

So, our client was perfectly happy and safe living at his home, with our Home Care Aide’s help, and neither he nor his wife had any desire to leave.  But, rules are rules, right?  Argh.

As we face the challenges of a rapidly aging population, we need to be creative, flexible and open.  Carving out niches and enforcing dubious rules does not always seem to me to be the best option.

But what do I know?

Best wishes.  Bert


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