A Glossary for the Aging Experience

Being out of the office on vacation is a double-edged sword at Support For Home.  This was actually the first time the two co-owners were gone for two whole weeks in the last 4++ years, and the staff learned they do not need us at all! 🙂  Well, actually, they were worn out.  Running a home care company is a 24×7 proposition.

It also means when we do come back, it takes 1.5 days to catch up for each 1.0 day we were gone.  Oh, well.

But, it also meant being able to finish a new book, A Glossary for the Aging Experience, which is now published by Amazon for Kindle.  It is a companion to our first publication, Planning for the Aging Experience: the Advance Living Directive, also on Amazon.  If you are interested, they are both available, right now (next couple of days) for FREE! before they go to the outrageous price of $1.99.  😉

We would love to have you check them out, but, more importantly, to feed back to us on what you think and how they can be improved.  Thank you.

Best wishes.  Bert


One response to “A Glossary for the Aging Experience

  1. Senior home care is really trending right now because some seniors prefer growing old in the confines of their own loving home rather than somewhere.While you will out of home.So Thanks for that article which Explain that topic.


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