Planning for the Aging Experience

Unfortunately, one of the phases of life that gets the least attention, in terms of planning, is the aging experience.  We plan out so many parts of our lives, from school to career to how our estates are distributed, but we pay woefully little attention to what we will encounter as we age.

Where will we live — at home or assisted living or a nursing home?  Will we need help with Activities of Daily Living?  If so, how much, from whom.  If it costs money, how will we pay for it?  These questions and more require careful family and individual planning.

We have just published a new book, Planning for the Aging Experience: Advance Living Directive, which consolidates a lot of information published in this blog, over the past few years.  It is available on Amazon, for all of the Kindle platforms.

Our goal is not to make money from the book.  That’s why it is so inexpensive.  Rather, it is to help folks focus on an stage of their lives that needs attention, now, before they reach that stage.  We hope you find it and the free Advance Living Directive tool useful.  Your comments would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes.  Bert


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