A Special Kind of A***ole

I would be absolutely delighted if every post I publish was the result of good news — a cure for Diabetes (I can eat chocolate cake again!!!), a preventive measure for Alzheimer’s, medical insurance now covers the home care that Support For Home provides, …

I wish.  However, all too often it is bad news of some kind.  Today, it is a story out of Philadelphia, about four people who have been arrested for allegedly running a very serious scam to defraud several hundred Pennsylvania seniors. 

The suspects through a company called American Comfort Home Care Services, claimed to offer non-medical home care services (support for Activities of Daily Living).  Seniors were sold packages of 1000 hours for $1590.  That price, frankly, is below the actual cost of providing such services by any reputable home care agency.  That is what made the alleged scam so successful, of course.

The Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Linda Kelly, stated:

Despite contracts that clearly stated the services would be provided ‘upon demand’ and ‘without condition’, victims’ requests for assistance were often ignored, delayed, discouraged or minimized in a concerted effort to avoid providing any service.  Only when faced with the most persistent seniors were any services provided, and the grand jury found no evidence that American Comfort ever provided any customer with all of the hours of service they had paid for.

If those arrested are guilty, I hope they are forced to provide home care services, themselves (under constant supervision, of course), to make up for every hour they stole.  Let them find out just how hard caregivers actually work.

Best wishes.  Bert


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