You Are Kidding Me!

As someone who both personally and professionally cares about aging — I’m doing it, and I help run a home care company called Support For Home — I do a lot of reading and “surfing” looking for new developments.

Today, I was going through’s “Health A-Z” section of their Website, and I noticed something very strange — at least to me. 

In the “A” section, there are links to materials on Acne, Athlete’s Foot and Asthma, among many others.  The only link with the word “age” in it was “Age Spots.”  Alzheimer’s gets a link obviously, but the paucity of focus on the health issues of aging was amazing to me.

So, I thought, maybe I will find more in materials on geriatrics and gerontology, in the “G” section.  Uh uh.  If I want to study gout, it’s there.  “Growing Pains,” absolutely.  “Growing Older Pains”?  Not so much.

So, life’s lessons continue for me.  As mainstream as CNN is, it has decided that the issues of aging are not.  We still have a long, long way to go.

Best wishes.  Bert


One response to “You Are Kidding Me!

  1. Bert,

    I must admit that when I read your post, I was a bit skeptical that CNN would omit so many relevant aging topics. However, to my dismay, when I checked out the “Health A-Z” section, I indeed found what you had. I then noticed that in the CNN site, it referenced “Featuring content from” so I naturally went over to that site and found that in their “Diseases and Conditions” section, they did have additional aging issues such as “Incontinence” and “Age-related macular degeneration”.

    I agree with you that the subject of aging must become more a part of the mainstream health care conversation. I believe that the developing demographics of our nation (the aging of the baby boomers) will go a long way towards making this a reality. The National Alzheimer’s Project Act is a manifestation of this movement.

    Thanks for your support of aging issues-we all need to lend our voices to this cause.


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