Memory Magic Can Be!

Once in a while, I talk a bit about my “other” life, as an owner of a home care company called Support For Home.  In this venue, I like to share ideas that we have tried that work well in elder care and home care services.

One of the ideas that has, indeed, worked well is a game called Memory Magic.  Below is a short note from our Client Services Manager, Katie, about a recent event we held at an assisted living facility here in the Sacramento region.

Here at Support For Home, we believe in being involved in our community. One way we contribute to the community is by playing Memory Magic with local seniors who are in assisted living facilities or skilled nursing facilities.  Memory Magic is an entertaining bingo like matching game that promotes cognitive stimulation and social interaction.

Recently, Support For Home had the pleasure of putting on a Memory Magic event at Carmichael Oaks with a group of their memory care residents.

Memory Magic has different levels for different cognitive abilities so it is a fun game for anyone to play. Each game in Memory Magic has a different theme. Most of these themes are based off reminiscent trivia such as nursery rhymes and fairy tales. These themes bring up memories from the past and lead to residents telling stories of their life. While playing Memory Magic with Carmichael Oaks it was a delight to take a trip down memory lane with their residents. The residents were telling us all sorts of stories of how life was when they were younger and when songs came up the game turned into a sing-along! The best part of Memory Magic is getting to see the residents faces light up with smiles and to know that Support For Home made a difference in their day.

The game is expensive, but works very well.  If you operate a skilled nursing / rehab facility in the Sacramento region, give us a call about playing!  If you operate elsewhere, look into the game for your own agency or facility.

Best wishes.  Bert


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