Options When You Need a Caregiver

In the real world, where I have to work, instead of writing blog postings and Tweets, Support For Home is a company that provides in-home care to seniors and others who need help to stay safely at home.

We were delighted when the Northern California Chapter of the National Private Duty Association published a brochure called, “Making and Informed Decision” that addresses the choices families and clients of home care must make when selecting a caregiver.  The brochure was actually produced at the request of a number of hospital discharge planners and case managers, who needed a way to educate families about these issues.

There are really three options:

  • Hiring a caregiver privately
  • Using a Domestic Referral Agency (DRA)
  • Hiring a full service agency that actually is the employer of record

The brochure does a wonderful job of pointing out the differences in terms of the responsibility of the agency versus the client / family.  I hope you find this summary useful.

Making an Informed Decision – Selecting a Home Care Provider

Best wishes.  Bert


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