Home Care Client: “I’m Terrified”

I have written several articles about the proposed new rules from the US Department of Labor that will dramatically increase home care costs for clients and reduce income to professional caregivers:

It is difficult to overstate the lack of wisdom in the proposed new rules.  It is important to understand that this is not about home care companies.  This is about the ability of clients and their families to get trusted, high quality home care without dramatically increased costs.

As if it needed to be, this truth was driven home this afternoon when one of our clients called.  We provide 24-hour care for his wife and, to a lesser degree, for him.  So the conversation went very much like this:

Me:  Hello, Al [not his real name].  It is always good to hear from you.  How are you?

Al:  Terrified!

Me:  What happened, Al?  Is there something you need us to do?

Al:  I was just reading about the new rules from the Department of Labor.  Are these real?

[We discussed the rules and timelines and probabilities at length, including the fact that he and his wife would not be able to avoid paying overtime, even if they hired caregivers directly, as Al and his wife would definitely want to hire professional caregivers.  Professional caregivers cannot be exempt from overtime, under the new rules, no matter who is the employer.  Additionally, Al and his wife do not want to be the employers. The want Support For Home to continue to be responsible for payroll, insurances, making sure there are backups, and so forth.]

Al:  Bert, if these rules go into effect, it will “sink the boat” for us.

Me:  I understand, Al.  If enough of us — especially families and clients — submit negative comments to the Department of Labor, maybe they will withdraw the proposed rules.  You can do that at this site.

Al:  I going to do that right now.

Knowing Al, he has already finished adding his comments.  If you or a family member or a loved one could be impacted by a dramatic increase in home care costs — and reduced income for professional caregivers — please do the same.

Best wishes.  Bert


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