Well, That’s Your Problem!

Every family should have THE STORY; the one that everybody in the family understands and appreciates, whether they were personally part of it or not.  In my family (a large group referred to by us and the rural community we grew up in as the Cave Clan), THE STORY involves someone who was, to many of us, the center of the universe for a long time — my grandmother (better known as Granny).

Granny lived to the age of 103.  Along the way, she was the provider of blackberry cobbler, unending country dinners, firm discipline and incredible humor.  On her 100th birthday, the family (the Clan) gave her a huge party.  Everyone had a great time.  At one point, my father was talking with Granny (his mother), with the conversation going like this:

Dad:  So, Mama, do you know how old you are today?

Granny:  Well, yes, I think I’m about 55 today.

Dad:  Actually, Mama, I don’t think your 55.  After all, I’m 70 now.

Granny:  Well, Honey, that’s your problem!

That was one of Dad’s favorite stories, forever after, and one that everyone loved and laughed at hearing, whether it was the first time or the 20th.

Every family should have THE STORY.  Granny is long gone, and Dad died almost two years ago.  We do not have them, anymore.  But, we will always have THE STORY.

What is your family’s?  Let us know.

Best wishes.  Bert


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