Diabetes and Alzheimer’s

As a person who has Diabetes II, myself, I am sensitive to news about the chronic disease.  As an owner of a home care company, Support For Home, with many clients suffering from the same disease, I am even more interested.  So, when I read two stories, recently, linking Diabetes and Alzheimer’s you know I am paying close attention.

The first article was hopeful, with the headline, “Insulin nasal spray may slow Alzheimer’s“.  Especially in the context of the fact that nothing, to date, actually stops Alzheimer’s progress, or even significantly slows it, that is potentially huge.

As always, the frustration is that the results are not conclusive — it was a limited, short study — and a better study is still  in the future: “researchers must carry out a much larger, longer study, now scheduled to begin next summer. Results from the larger study will not be available for at least 18 months after that.”

Even if the results are more conclusive, treatment for patients, as a regular course of medication are the equally frustrating, “a few years [away], at least”.

Nevertheless, there is a light in the tunnel.  We just do not know how many Watts are involved.

The second article is more ominous, stating, “Alzheimer’s link yet another reason to fear diabetes“.  The basic results from the study, which followed subjects for an eleven year period,were that,

Of 150 people with confirmed Type 2 diabetes at the beginning, 41 developed Alzheimer’s, compared to 115 who developed dementia out of 559 non-diabetics. That adds up to 27 percent rate of Alzheimer’s for diabetics, compared to a 20 percent rate for non-diabetics — or a 35 percent increased risk. Those with the most severe diabetes at the beginning had a more than threefold increase in the rate of dementia.

Obviously, that is a statistically significant result.  The bottom line is, if you do not have Diabetes and can avoid — through lifestyle changes — developing it, DO IT!

Best wishes.  Bert


3 responses to “Diabetes and Alzheimer’s

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  2. Diabetes and Alzheimer are two diseases that are very common in the aged people. Though diabetes is common in the youth also but Alzheimer is seen mostly in the old people. These diseases have to be treated carefully and with care.


  3. Good blog, lots of helpful facts.


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