Our Best Foot Forward

We do not usually talk about our business, directly, in this blog.  We are proud of Support For Home In-Home Care, don’t get me wrong.  However, it is not normally the topic we want to talk about here.

Once in a while, however, we just have to brag a little bit.  🙂  Some friends will give you the shirt off their back.  Well, we will go one step further than that!

We'll Give You The Shoe Off Our Foot!

We'll Give You The Shoe Off Our Foot!

A few days ago, we met with a family of a prospective client to determine if we are a good fit for their needs.  As it turns out, we are, and we have begun providing home care.  But that’s not the story…

When my co-owner and I got to the home, the family members were not wearing shoes, so we took ours off, as well.  That is not all that unusual.

We spent about an hour and a half talking with the family and getting the information we needed to develop the appropriate plan of care.  This is always important, as we then brief our Home Care Aide, so they can, from day one, put their best foot forward.

We also were playing with the family’s three dachshunds, one of whom is definitely an Elder, at 15 years old.

When we were ready to depart, we returned to the foyer to find not four shoes, but three.  It seems the Elder decided to test our commitment to our customers by taking one of my shoes to a favorite chewing spot and ripped through the back of the shoe.

Oh, did I mention that I just bought the shoes the day before?

So when we talk customer service, we may have to change our slogan to something like, If The Shoe Fits, Tear It.  Well, maybe not.

As part of our Plan of Care, we told our Home Care Aide to keep her shoes on!

As part of our Plan of Care, we told our Home Care Aide to keep her shoes on!

But, to Jake the Elder, thanks for keeping me on my toes.  The “good news” is that Jake’s “Mom” said he only chews real leather, so we know the shoes were good quality!

Best wishes, Bert


3 responses to “Our Best Foot Forward

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  2. Keesha Williams

    Hahahaha this was cute….”If the shoe fits, Tear it!” lol


  3. I can see the slogan Support For Home “In Home Care where we place our shoe into your lives so you can tear it!”


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