Our Business of Love

No, this is another business of love.

My co-owner sent me an email a little while ago that pretty much sums up why we continue to work 24×7 managing Support For Home In-Home Care.

I have the untidiest desk in the office.  I was looking
for a note that I have written on one of my many notepads sitting on my table.  I saw a note that was written by one of my office staff in her preparation for calling a Home Care Aide about taking on additional shifts, and the note said “Mxxx (Home Care Aide name), Dr. Axxx (Client name) loves you. M/T/W…”

I started laughing and felt all warm and fuzzy inside.  I felt tremendous joy that our client loves one of our Home Care Aides.

Now, this is not an unusual event; it is the norm with 99.9987% of our clients and our Home Care Aides, but it takes a note like that to remind me that we are in a business of love.

My laughter was heard 3 blocks away and a couple of our office staff started laughing because of how loud it was.  They asked what it was about and I relayed that I just saw the note that one of them had
written.  I said “Home Care is a business of love.”  It makes me happy and proud to be part of it.   One of our staff who was previously working as a caregiver said that she saw a bumper sticker that said
“I love being a caregiver” and we all relate to that well.   This is a business of love and happiness.

s/ Siew Pheng Tung

It is, indeed, a business of love, as many of our colleagues in the elder care and home care industry know very well.

Best wishes, Bert


One response to “Our Business of Love

  1. Keesha Williams

    Definetly makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. AAAAAwwwwwwwwwww 🙂
    Support For Home is Awesome!!


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