A Caregiver’s Celebration

CBSnews.com published a story this week with some unsurprising “news.”  It was based on a survey from a large home care franchise company, indicating that,

Almost half of those surveyed by Home Instead said they couldn’t name a single drug their parents took. Also, 34 percent said they don’t know whether their parents have a safe deposit box, and 36 percent said they don’t know where their parents’ financial information is located.

To those of us in the elder care industry, including Support For Home, these statistics are very familiar; sad, but well known.  This lack of knowledge, within the family, is one reason we created the Advance Living Directive tool, which helps parents and their adult children set baselines for independent living and, over time, determine the parent’s need to support of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).

CBS talked with two daughters, as a mini-case study of the problem adult children face.  One of them articulated what we have run into many times,

Our first challenge was just taking care of her. The second was trying to find the things that we needed, in order to be allowed to take care of her. It took a while to locate the pieces of information we needed.

 It was like a major treasure hunt …  And, we knew that somewhere, she would have this. So, we’d go through it, and see what we could find. The night we found the strongbox with her long-term health care policy was a wonderful celebration.

We want to draw attention, in particular, to that last sentence.  The “long-term health care” policy to which the daughter refers is actually Long-Term Care Insurance.  That is a topic we have discussed in this blog many times.  If you can get it, get it now.  When you need it, you will not find an insurance company willing to sell it to you.  It is a major piece, in our view — and no, we don’t sell it 🙂 — of planning for the aging phenomenon.

Best wishes, Bert


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