Flowers For Seniors

As I have mentioned in prior postings, one of the things we love, at Support For Home, about the elder care industry is the passion and caring that providers share.  Whether they are home care companies, as we are, or assisted living or home health or skilled nursing  or medical rehabilitation facilities, they are doing what they are doing, by and large, because of the human rewards, not the financial ones.  A hint — the financial rewards are much better in some other industries, such as the one my co-owner and I came from: high technology.  🙂

There are groups that get together to discuss issues and opportunities to make life better for our elders.  Where we are, in fact, in the greater Sacramento area, there are actually two instances of what is known as the Older Adult Collaborative, meeting once per month.

Another example of how we work together — even competitors in the industry, is a new program we are sponsoring, with several other elder care service providers, called Flowers For Seniors.  The gist of this program is that one of our great florists in the area donates flowers and several agencies, including Support For Home, organize the distribution of those flowers, with a card, to seniors served by a hospice agency or an assisted living residence or a rehab facility, for example.  The response of other agencies to our proposal has been exciting, and we would love to help grow this effort in other areas.

If you are interested or have suggestions or want to find out more about what we are doing, feel free to email us at

Best wishes, Bert


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