Line Up For Inspection!

One of our Home Care Aide employees at Support For Home has also been working at an Assisted Living facility in the area.  That is not all that unusual in home care, as our clients can move to Tucson or have a daughter move in with them — or move to Assisted Living! 🙂

Our only rule about co-employment is that our Home Care Aides cannot have “private” clients.  That is not because of our concern about competition.  An employee of our home care agency can also work for 15 other agencies, if they choose (although very few of them do, because we pay 20% to 30% more than other home care agencies in the Sacramento region).

No, our restriction on our employees having private clients is very clear.  If the Home Care Aide is offering clients – and can prove it – the same Workers Comp, unemployment insurance, dishonesty bond protection, payroll taxes, liability insurance protections that we do, as an employer, great.  Go for it.  None of them can or do, of course.

But that is not the point of this sermon.  😉

As I said, an employee of ours is currently working for an Assisted Living facility.  She told us that the facility was going through some inspection – she did not know if it was corporate or government.  As a result, management called in all of the caregivers employed by the facility – and maybe a few more? – to be on parade during the inspection.

So for a short time, folks worked a lot more shifts.  Then, after the inspection, somehow shifts got reduced, again.  Funny how that worked out.

So, if you or family members are looking at moving to an Assisted Living facility, our desire is not to discourage you.  For some folks, that is the right choice.  Just make sure the facility is not called Potemkin Village.  That didn’t work out all that well for Catherine the Great of Russia, either.

Best wishes, Bert


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