Home Care, Hospice and Beyond

Our passion is home care.  Helping folks who want to age in place, growing older in their own homes, is what Support For Home, the company, is all about.

For all of us, however, there does come a time when our own mortality needs to be faced.  That is a very tough subject, with which some of the most committed, supportive people in the world help us.

We have talked, in this space, about hospice services before, and we will do so again.  We just had a marvelous Social Worker from Yolo Hospice talk to some of our Home Care Aides this week.

Last June, I wrote about a marvelous Internet service called Dignity Memorial for creating memorials.  I wrote for my mother and my father, both of whom died last year.  It was both difficult and comforting to be able to do that.

There are, in the Sacramento area where we live and where Support For Home provides home care, a number of funeral homes and mortuaries / memorial parks dedicated to helping families deal with and manage the death of a loved one.

We have no financial relationship with any of them, of course, and we are not in a position to offer any warranty.  This is not, obviously, our area of expertise.

We have gotten to know some of these folks, however, and are impressed with the passion and commitment they exhibit.  Just as in home care, there are just some folks that seem to operate from the right motivations and with the right standards.  One such group appears to be the folks at East Lawn.

One of the attributes which impressed us, in talking with them, is that they look beyond the specific services they provide for the deceased to the broader needs of the family.  Obviously, that includes bereavement services, but sometimes the needs of a spouse or even a parent change dramatically with the death of a loved one.

If a couple has been living independently, supporting each other’s needs as they aged together, the loss of a spouse can make living at home, for example, much more difficult.  Good funeral home staff understand these situations and can sensitively help the family explore good options, such as home care services.

A difficult subject for all of us, but the sensitivity and passion of folks in hospice and the funeral / mortuary industry make it so much easier for us.

Best wishes, Bert


One response to “Home Care, Hospice and Beyond

  1. Great information on this site and all your connecting network. You are obviously passionate about the subject of aging with dignity. I have found so much of what you are doing to be helpful, refreshing, and available. Thank you so much and keep it up, more people will catch on to the idea that this is a subject we all face.


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