Cooking for Caregiving – Yes!

OK, now I’m excited.  I am not what one would call a “foody” or even a “winey” — whiny is more my spouse’s description.  However, as a manager of a home care company, Support For Home, I know that one of the greatest challenges for caregivers, whether family or professional, is cooking for folks with various chronic conditions.

So, when a new Twitter follower showed up today, @cooking4care, I immediately checked them out.  In addition to their Twitter profile, they have a Facebook site:!/CookingforCaregiving 

Take a look at their site and start following them on Twitter if you also have issues with this topic.  For us, this is major.  For home care clients with Diabetes or Congestive Heart Failure or a number of other conditions, getting a healthy but still attractive menu is critical.

The problem is that Certified Nurse Assistant or even Home Health Aide programs to not spend much time at all on the need for specialty diets or the training required for good preparation.

Having a resource like Cooking for Caregivers is something we are going to be promoting to our Home Care Aide employees, for sure.  Check it out.

We will have more to say on this issue in future blogs, as well.

Best wishes, Bert


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