Diabetes Education Critical

As some of my readers know, I have Type II Diabetes.  There are worse diseases, so when I get frustrated and whiny, I try to remind myself of that.  Nevertheless, Diabetes is an increasingly dangerous and prevalent disease for seniors, including many of our home care clients at Support For Home.

There are so many negative outcomes from uncontrolled Diabetes, from heart disease and stroke to kidney damage to blindness to potential loss of limbs.  Increasingly, studies point to increased potential for dementia associated with Diabetes.

So, both for myself, my co-owner and spouse, whose family has a history of Diabetes, and our clients, when I find a great resource, I am excited.  I found such a resource yesterday. 

As a Kaiser member for many years, I have attended a lot of educational sessions on the subject.  Yesterday’s session here in Sacramento was led by David Hite, Ph.D., a Clinical Health Educator.  Wow.  Great material and great motivation — which is what we Diabetes patients need, a lot!

Dr. Hite shared his Website, as well as a lot of other material.  Even if you are not in Sacramento, I recommend you check it out and the DVD he has available.  You do not have to be a Kaiser member to take advantage of his knowledge.

So, if you or a loved one has Diabetes, especially Type II, you can check out Dr. Hite’s site, but, bottom line, find resources you trust, listen carefully, and start a no excuses approach to managing your or your loved one’s illness.

Best wishes, Bert


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