Bring on the Technology!

Some people think that home care agencies would be opponents of technology that can be used to improve non-medical care for elders or other folks who need help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs).  If any agencies are, the owners should get out of the business and go sell shoes.

At Support For Home, we cannot wait for technology that will make our clients’ lives better and safer.  If that technology helps some of them not need our services, that works for us, too.  If we are not doing this out of passion for our clients, we should not be doing it at all.

Our clients want to be able to age in place.  They want to live at home as long as they possibly can.  They should have every possible resource at their disposal to help them achieve that goal.

Some of those resources will always be human, either medical or non-medical professionals providing the support that only humans can provide.  But there have been “low tech” and “medium tech” solutions in place for many years – hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, oxygen units, Jitterbug and comparable cell phones, emergency alert buttons, …

Now, we are finally beginning to see some “high tech” solutions for home health care and non-medical home care.  As a long-time geek, myself (retired as an Intel IT Director), I am excited.  But my excitement goes beyond that.  I see great potential for positive impact on the lives of our clients.

Let me give just one example, perhaps especially meaningful to me because of my own badly damaged vision.  The new company Care Innovations, a joint venture of Intel and GE, has a product called the Intel(r) Reader.  I am sure it will get lighter, thinner, more powerful, all that stuff.  But, right now, it can make a positive impact on the lives of a number of our visually impaired home care clients.

Will that product or others eliminate the need for home care agencies such as Support For Home?  I doubt it, at least not this month.  But can they, and products in the pipeline, help us make the lives of our clients better?  I’m betting on it.

Best wishes, Bert


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