Elders In Action!

Ok, first of all, two disclaimers.  First, I live in the Sacramento, California area, but Portland, Oregon is where I really grew up and lived many years as an adult.  It is still one of my favorite cities.  I mean, it ain’t Paris, but most places aren’t.

Second disclaimer: Support For Home is a senior care / home care company that my wife and I founded because of a passion to improve the industry – for elders and for caregivers, so we are biased.

With those disclaimers out of the way, I will very calmly and in a stoic, understated manner say, “This is one of the coolest ideas I have seen!”

The idea – more than an idea, the reality – is Elders In Action, a non-profit agency in Portland, Oregon (thus, the first disclaimer) that is in the “business” of personally investigating businesses that purport to serve seniors.

Using the philosophy that a picture is worth a thousand words, below is their model:

The non-profit does evaluate businesses:




When evaluating your business or service in order to certify your company as Elder Friendly, our undercover shoppers go through your store and rate your telephone access, physical access, customer service and the physical layout of the store.  If you’re a service business, we’ll want to know about your business operations.

Some folks will remember another post critical of Internet companies that try to $ell “certification” of some kind, when they have no intimate knowledge of the business or hands-on process for such certification.  To us, that is just slick marketing.

 The approach of Elders in Action is something we can buy into as a business and as people committed to supporting elders.  We will be exploring helping start a branch in the Sacramento area.

So, to Elders In Action, if I wore a hat, it would be off to you.  🙂

 Best wishes, Bert


One response to “Elders In Action!

  1. Bert,
    Thanks for the kind words about Elders in Action’s Elder Friendly Business Certification Program. We really enjoy helping businesses better serve their older customers. Once a volunteer has had our training it will change how they look at the world. What is good for an older adult is good for everyone.
    Thanks again,


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