A Tale of Two Clients, Part II

Yesterday we talked about scrambling to put together 24×7 care for a brand new client, with a couple of hours notice.  At Support For Home, that is, thankfully, somewhat atypical, but not rare.  We made it happen.

That was one example of situations you encounter running a home care company that makes us say it is not for the faint of heart, if you have a heart.

A second scenario is, unfortunately, more common, but can be even more of a strain on the heart.  And it happened again yesterday.

Several months ago, the daughter of a woman with cancer called us in to begin providing care.  The prognosis was not good. 

Unfortunately, the client was so fiercely independent that ultimately she graciously but firmly ended care after only a few shifts.  That was that.  We felt sad for the client, her husband and the rest of the family, but the decision was made.

We have had calls from the daughters several times over the past few months, but nothing really changed – until yesterday.  Hospice began for the client, and the social worker told the client and her husband they need 24×7 care.  That was negotiated down, by the client, to 12 hours, then to 6. 

When I talked to her yesterday afternoon, she said, “The time has come.”  She still has a very hard time accepting support, but she has begun to accept it.  We all know the situation, including our Home Care Aides who will directly help her.

We cannot make the situation go away.  We can only be as supportive as possible, working closely with the hospice RN and the family to ease the situation for the client and them.

Providing home care in these situations is not for the faint of heart, if you have a heart at all.

Best wishes, Bert


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