A Tale of Two Clients, Part I

Owning a home care agency like Support For Home is not for the faint of heart, if you truly have a heart.  You can always run it like any other business, but if that is your goal, you should probably be in some other business.

Yesterday and today provide two great examples of what running a home care agency driven by passion is all about.  For us and some of our colleagues, it is a client-centric universe.  You do what you need to do to take care of need.

So, yesterday afternoon, we got a call from a social worker we really respect.  She was with a woman recovering from a broken ankle who had been convinced to move into a board and care facility.

So, what is the story?  The social worker and doctor indicate she needs 24-hour care for three weeks, as she must not put any weight on the broken ankle. 

When I talked to her yesterday afternoon, I told her we would work our whatever off to get care in place by today at 9AM.  We did and let the client know we would be ready bright and early this morning.

She reluctantly said, OK.  Two hours later we were informed that she had been transported back to her home.  Later in the evening the client, 83, told me that if she had been forced to stay there one more day she would have had a nervous breakdown. 

Now, however, she is home for the night, with no care!  And she cannot walk or transfer from wheelchair to bed or bathe or …  So, we scramble again and find one of our great Home Care Aides who can do a 12-hour overnight shift on 30 minutes notice.

The client then breathes.  We breathe.  Another day at the office.


One response to “A Tale of Two Clients, Part I

  1. Yep, sounds like many of our days. Their lack of planning is our emergency. Pretty sad though that there was no call back to you from the SW telling you she discharged herself AMA. That would have helped. And social workers have the nerve to call us sometimes and grill us on the services we provide, as if they are liable for the patient themselves but then allow someone to be discharged just that fast without a thought of how she may not have help for the evening. Yikes!- Thank God for Caregivers! And people with heart!


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