Our Own Chicken and Egg Story

Actually, that always struck me as a pretty simple question, since it seems to me the genes that “are” the chicken show up in the egg, through mutation.  But, I digress.  That’s not really what this post is about.

This post is really about our philosophy and how we (my co-owner and spouse) and I manage the home care agency, Support For Home

One half of that is about our clients.  They need help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Instrumental ADLs.  Some of that support we provide directly.  Some of it comes from other folks – home safety experts, trust attorneys, relocation experts, emergency alert systems, medical providers, and so forth. 

Our clients are members of our extended family.  In fact, it was our own families’ experiences that got us interested in leaving high tech (Intel Corp.) to start this agency.

The other half, however, is about our employees – the caregivers at Support For Home

When we talk about our families’ experience, we are talking, of course, about my wife’s father, having a stroke in his 90s, and my folks, needing help to stay at home in their 80s.  But we are also talking about my co-owner’s mother being the primary caregiver after that stroke.  And, we are talking about my sisters, who provided the bulk of support for my folks, even after we brought in a home care agency up in Oregon.

So, the employees at our agency, the Home Care Aides who assist our clients and who are the heart and soul of the agency, are also part of our extended family.  They are equally important to us, emotionally, alongside our clients.

What raised these thoughts to the level of a blog post today is that, as it is every Friday, it is payroll day.  But this is also one of our bonus payroll cycles, which is always fun.  In today’s cycle, about 40% of our Home Care Aides received bonuses.  We won’t be happy until 100% get them, every bonus cycle.

In our biology, we love chickens and we love eggs.  We all start as one, but we are going to eventually be the other.  🙂

Best wishes, Bert


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