The Internet Is Wonderful, But…

I do not quite know what got me started in the direction I am blogging this week.  Maybe I need a vacation (I’m surprised I still know how to spell it!).  But I do know that there are a few things I still want to say about some of the things I see in the world of senior care and home care.

First, let me make it very clear that there are some Internet resources out there that are of tremendous benefit to families and family caregivers, as well as to home care agencies and the elder care industry at large.  As a former IT geek of many years at Intel and elsewhere, I am a huge believer in technology and the Internet in particular.

A few of the on-line resources we at Support For Home recommend to folks and families looking at home care to help with aging-in-place include:

I could definitely go on and will be happy to add other folks I believe in as they remind me of my sins of omission. 

However, I am not setting myself up as some kind of expert, filter, seal of approval required before seniors should pay any attention.  I’m arrogant, but that would be ridiculous.  And yet, I see attempts to do that increasing. 

As the population ages, as more folks need home health care and non-medical home care, there will be great new services – like the joint venture from Intel and GE.  But there will also be “venture capital” efforts to cash in.  Oh, well.

Anyway, this is only half of my table pounding exercise.  My next sermon will be about what can and cannot be done by Internet services, as opposed to good old-fashioned face-to-face connections.  Do you think I’ve given away the punch line? 🙂

Best wishes, Bert


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