A Critical Alzheimer’s Resource

One of the very best resources for caregivers supporting someone with Alzheimer’s disease, whether the caregiver is a family member or a professional, is a small book published by the National Institute on Aging.  The title is Caring for a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease.  In addition to that link, it can be ordered from the Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral Center (ADEAR) by calling 1-800-438-4380.

One of the reasons that this little book is so good is that it talks about the various stages of the disease, including end-of-life care.  But it is also comprehensive in covering some of the concerns that families do not always think about but need to understand will arise as care is provided to an Alzheimer’s patient.  There are also links and references to other tools that families and even home care agencies will find extremely useful.  One example is the Legal and Financial Planning for People with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Another important section covers the issues that we have talked about in many of our postings.  That is the need for the caregiver to treat herself or himself well, in order to be the best possible caregiver.  The section on “Caring for Yourself” is something every caregiver should read from time to time.

At Support For Home, we make sure we have a supply of this book on hand and distribute it at events we attend.  Don’t be an Alzheimer’s caregiver without it.

Best wishes, Bert


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