Bending, Not Breaking

As an employer of Home Care Aides – the best in the Sacramento region, of course! 🙂 – at Support For Home we take our responsibilities, legal and ethical, very seriously.

We do not tolerate discrimination in any form.  Personally and professionally, we find discrimination distasteful.  That means no racial or ethnic or religious intolerance.  If an immigrant has the legal right to work, we will hire that person, if they qualify in terms of skills and experience.  We have heard of at least one Sacramento home care company that will only hire American citizens.  Frankly, on September 11, 2010, that practice makes our stomachs turn.

Avoiding discrimination applies not only to the hiring process.  It also applies to placing Home Care Aides with clients.  We would never let a cognitively healthy client practice discrimination by restricting the race or religion or other personal attributes of a caregiver.  In fact, it is even illegal to allow a client to specify the sex of a Home Care Aide, unless personal care (support of the more intimate Activities of Daily Living or ADLs) is involved.

And then we have clients with dementia.  We will still not break the law, but we – and that includes our Home Care Aides, all of whom are experienced with and understand dementia clients – will do everything we can to avoid creating an atmosphere that worsens the situation for the dementia sufferer.  We listen to the family or conservator very closely.  We discuss the limits of what we can and cannot do.  Then we make an assignment of an employee that we think will make the dementia sufferer’s life better.

Earlier this week, that actually meant assigning three different Home Care Aides in a single day, before we made our dementia client smile.  The folks were of three different ethnic backgrounds – that was not the issue.  They were of at least two different religions.  That was not the concern.  The concern was who would make the client willing to accept the personal care that he badly needs.  Frankly, it was frustrating and exhausting for us and for the family. 

Each of the Home Care Aides gave their best.  We just had to keep trying, keep bending, not breaking any rules or laws or ethical guidelines.  We love our Home Care Aides for helping to make it happen and for bending with us.  They are the Heart and Soul of Support For Home.

Best wishes, Bert


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