Real Faces on Facebook

A few days ago, I posted about just a few of the people that we follow on Twitter.  I said, at that time, that everyone we follow is really significant to us, or we would not follow them.

The same thing is true of the many friends we have on Facebook.  Every one of them is valuable to and respected by us.  There are just a few that we think deserve special mention, each one because of their contribution to us and to senior care / home care.

The first one may well be the 800 lb. gorilla of California home care.  Barry Berger owns Accredited Home Health Services and several other lines of business serving this industry.  Barry is the incoming Board President for the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH).  Like Support For Home, Accredited was one of the first home care companies to be certified by CAHSAH.  We have a lot of respect for Barry and his operation, not because they are so large, but for the integrity with which they operate.

Also in our Hall of Fame is Carol Kinsel (and her whole crew, really), owner of Senior Care Solutions in Sacramento.  Carol’s team has long been of of our “Useful Resources” for clients who are looking at assisted living / senior community options.  Carol has also co-authored a series of articles with me on dementia that you will find in this blog.

Dale Carter is someone we have developed a lot of respect for very quickly.  Dale says, of herself, “I love teaching others how to guide an aging parent or loved one through any change to preserve/strengthen relationships and save time, money and heartache.”  That is a pretty critical mission, in our view, and one she takes very seriously, with a good Website and great Tweets!

Diane Carbo is another new friend made via Facebook and one that is “mutual” to 76 of my other friends.  There is obvious passion in her that comes through the Facebook page.

The only person who shares both the Twitter and Facebook Friends award so far is Lisa Marie Blaskie, who owns the best home care agencies in the Palm Springs and San Francisco areas.  And that is saying something, because there are good folks in San Francisco.  Lisa has been a mentor to us in a number of areas, and someone we are proud to call a friend.

Lynne Lindo is another new friend via Facebook.  She is engaged and exhibits what we most value in people in this industry – passion for seniors.  National Senior Living Providers Network (NSLPN) is her site.  Check it out.

Tim Colling is probably our newest friend on this list, but he jumped to the top group in one bound.  I posted an article and a Tweet on conflicts of interest in Geriatric Care Managers who charge for their services but also work for a company that they use to provide services.  I still think that is wrong.  But Tim jumped right in to that discussion with his own perspective.  We will agree to disagree, but I love the integrity that led him to an open discussion.

The last person in this very short list is reserved for someone very special.  As a home care company, our philosophy is that home care is really family care.  It is not just for the client, but for the folks who love the person receiving care.  It helps them worry less and take care of themselves the way they need.  Every client and every family becomes par of our own extended family.  We have and have had many special people join our extended family.  Victoria Whitworth is a family member who has become very special to us.  The love and energy and patience she always exhibited was inspiring to us and to our Home Care Aides.  I am sure this will embarrass her, but she will just have to live with it.  🙂

Special people abound in senior care / home care – clients, family members, agencies, advisors, service providers, caregivers.  This list is just the tip of the tip of the tip of the surface, but to all of them,

Best wishes, Bert


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