Avoiding Expired Medication Mistakes

One of the serious potential problems for many of us is expired medications.  For some of our home care clients that suffer from even mild dementia, the danger is greatly magnified. 

At Support For Home, our Home Care Aides are trained to monitor medication usage and remind those of our clients who need help.  But managing the schedule and amount of medication usage is only part of the solution.  Making sure that expired and therefore potentially ineffective medications are not in use is also critical.

Most communities have fairly regular “Medication Take-Back Days,” allowing folks to turn in medications that might otherwise be used in error or disposed of in the garbage or flushed into the sewer.  Such inappropriate disposal results in pollution of water supplies and our environment.

In Placer County, in the Sacramento region, Sunday September 25th is such a medication take-back day.  There are twelve locations where unused or expired meds can be turned in to the proper authorities:

  • Oakmont High School, 1710 Cirby Way, Roseville
  • Roseville High School, 1 Tiger Way, Roseville
  • Woodcreek High School, 2551 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd, Roseville
  • Antelope High School, 7801 Titan Way, Roseville
  • Lincoln Police Dept., 770 7th St., Lincoln
  • Sierra College, Rocklin Road Parking Lot D, Rocklin
  • Whitney High School, 70 Wildcat Blvd., Rocklin
  • Granite Bay High School, 1 Grizzly Way, Granite Bay
  • Sheriff Substation, 6140 Horseshoe Bar Road, Loomis
  • City Hall, 1225 Lincoln Way, Auburn
  • Sheriff Substation, 33 N. Main St., Colfax
  • Kings Beach Clinic, 8650 Salmon St., Kings Beach

It is a good thing to do, for the safety of all.  If your community does not have something like this planned, give them a nudge.  🙂

Best wishes, Bert


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