Confessions of a Social Media Neophyte

OK, I admit it.  This social media / social networking stuff really is important, good, fun and mind-opening.  So, I thought it was time to point to some of the folks that I find interesting, amazing, educational and inspirational.  I will start with Twitter, but I know there is a second “edition” coming to point to some of the major Facebook connections we have made at Support For Home.  You can see all of the folks that we follow on Twitter by checking us out at  We think every one of those folks are worth following, obviously.  🙂

As many of my colleagues know, as well as my two gurus in the area, I really am still very new to all this stuff.  I got involved with it because I was told it is important (thank you @lisamarieblaski, the best home care provider in San Francisco and Riverside County, CA).  After I had stumbled around a bit, I had the good fortune of meeting @lttlewys, who “gets” this stuff and has helped me understand it much better.  I bow to them both.  They have what I think is the critical combination.  They have messages / points of view to deliver and they have the technique to do that very well.  Both of these folks have excellent blogs, as well.  Lisa’s is focused on home care, while Brandie calls herself a “Mommy Blogger,” but whatever she calls it, it is insightful.

Again, we think all of the folks we follow are important, but there are a number that get “special mention,” starting from one of the last additions to our “Follows” list.  That is @TheNewOldAge, which is the name of the best blog out there on the issues of aging.  Jane Gross hosts a number of guest bloggers in The New York Times column, and the content is always excellent.

Denise Brown, at @caregiving, has a ton of followers, for very good reasons.  Her Website is very good and her Tweets are, as well.  She has a lot to say.

Someone I am paying more attention to all the time is @L_A_Johnson.  She describes herself as “Fascinated by & grateful for, Life!”  It shows in her Tweets.

Ted Rubin is clearly one of the leaders in social media.  His list of followers shows it.  🙂  You can find him at  @TedRubin, with the motto, “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain. :-)”  Having grown up in Portland, Oregon, which knows something about rain, I like it!

One of – probably the first – people we followed is @JasonTweed.  He is an amazing guy in many ways, who, with his father, Stephen Tweed, makes Leading Homecare one of the true leaders in the industry.

In my worst imitation of Porky Pig, there are many, many more I could – and will talk about – but, for now, Thhhhhhhat’s all, folks!

Best wishes, Bert


2 responses to “Confessions of a Social Media Neophyte

  1. I agree. I too had the good fortune of meeting @lttlewys recently, and I concur. She knows her stuff! Has been most helpful to my business!


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